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Our story


A neighborhood café serving coffee, tea, traditional breakfast fare, sandwiches, salads and soups. Retail sales of vintage goods, artwork, and unique cards & gifts further defines the brand of this on-trend neighborhood destination.


Catherine Vonderahe, Founder

Steve, Founder

Duke Vonderahe, Head Chef


Catherine, Founder

Catherine grew up in the charming Upper Arlington neighborhood known as South of Lane.  At age 50, life-altering changes, or what Catherine calls her Grand Trifecta, sparked her return.  She brought home her experience in retail, marketing, writing, and public speaking, wrapped up with a love of hospitality, art, design, and entertaining. Knowing that her unique breakfast and lunch boutique would be right at home in the historic neighborhood shops – South of Lane and it’s irreverent acronym – S.O.L. – proved irresistible and the brand was born. 

Steve, Founder

After 38 years as a professional firefighter, Steve can handle the heat – and is right at home in the kitchen.  In 1974, just one year into his service with the Columbus Fire Department, Steve was asked to take over the cooking for 30 days.   Thirty-seven years later, he was still cooking – and loving every minute of it.  He is famous throughout the city for his great food and best known for his love of serving others.  Steve has cooked for crowds of 2 to 200, and has always delivered.  He’s a stickler for good coffee and his fried potatoes have been known to inspire poetry. Steve’s Firehouse Chili is key to many of the fan-favorite dishes at S.O.L.  

Duke, Chef

Duke draws attention with his art, music, energy, and imagination.  With a passion for drawing, painting, and setting life to music, Duke brings the artist’s touch to the café.  He makes South of Lane a lively, lovely, and delicious experience for guests.